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The Health Care landscape is rapidly evolving. The changes bring the opportunity to introduce new positions with roles and responsibilities to add value and change the face of clinical care delivery.

Getting to The Heart of What Matters

At Recruit Health we speak to the heart of what matters in healthcare.

We speak and listen to YOU… Connecting you with a world of opportunities.

Combining and providing EMPATHY with EXPERIENCE is what matters to us and we know how much it matters to YOU!

We are passionate about providing a recruitment experience to candidates and clients that is enriching and delivered with empathy, authenticity and knowledge. Our extensive experience in recruiting across myriad environments in healthcare gathered within Australia and internationally has enriched our capacity to deliver a thought provoking, and guiding recruitment experience and provide counsel during what is often an unsettling yet exciting time for a candidate.

We hope to help you take charge of your career and propel it forward in ways that YOU  just can't wait to imagine.

If you are a front line nursing professional, or allied health practitioner with a passion to  embrace opportunities from a learning and career perspective than we look forward to hearing from you. We look forward to engaging with YOU in frank and honest dialogue about your career opportunities and your personal journey as a health carer and to Connecting  YOU  with a world of learning opportunities as you take charge of YOUR career.

Regional and Remote Delivery of Health Care

The hospital, the primary, community  and aged care environments are landscapes we have many years recruiting within. We are particularly excited about how we can continue  to work with regional and more remote healthcare environments  that require fuller support from technology and integrated models of care and which are poised to further embrace the opportunities of the role of Digitalhealth navigator, among other new emerging roles.


The delivery of high quality patient care is evident in  regional environments  across Australia. It is delivered by ever increasing complex healthcare facilities  and managed by national operators who are often driven by mission, and values and a service ethos that sets them apart from other providers. Public health services are engaging on many different levels with the private and not for profit health care sector and we are excited to be able to partner with the industry and to make a difference as a talent partner and professional development organisation .

Spotlight on this month - Digital Health

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